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Think10 3-Week Intensive Training Program

Congratulations on taking the next step to join the 

TEN Start and Grow Your Business Intensive

You are now ready to start up or grow your business to the next level. 

Over the 3-week period, you will experience your own personal transformations as you work through this program.

Day 1

Day 1

The Foundations to Building a Business

Day 2

The Plan to Building Your Business

Day 3

Day 3

The Present Your Business

Day 1 - The Foundations to Building a Business

  • Proven strategies to starting your business
  • Understanding the blockages and challenges affecting your business
  • ​How to develop an irresistible story to brand you and your business
  • The Billionaire’s Mind – What are you worth and developing your WHY
  • ​ Special presentation on How to Organize Yourself in Your Business 

Day 2 - The Plan to Building Your Business

  • Developing your products or services
  • Market research and niche market (knowing who your audience is)
  • The Golden Purse (how you spend your money)
  • Building an effective and simplified business plan to get clarity
  • Special presentation on Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Business 

Day 3 - Present Your Business

  • Present your business to the class and receive feedback
  • ​What’s next and where to go from here
  • Bonuses:
    – 2 hour post-event mentoring session on business development and resourcing
    – 2 hour post-event mentoring session on business organization and workflow


You can continue to do what you have been doing or make a commitment today and join the
Think10 3-Week Intensive Training Program.
We will help you remove the negative blockages holding you back and provide
you a step-by-step blueprint to launching your business!

​ Elephant in the Room session to help you remove core blockages 
​ Start your business in as little as 3 weeks 
​ Interactive classes so you get the full immersive experience  
​ Follow up sessions included to ensure you are on the right track 


Dianne Ramesar – Canada

Our second session was great had fun with the exercises. Learnt some really important information to get going in my new endeavor. Thanks Dianne.

Nivedita Saraswati – Australia

Powerful and truly transformational. I thoroughly enjoyed my session today and got such a lot out of it, that was totally unexpected yet awesome and perfect. Everyone should do this course. Dianne is a great tutor and her Team are truly wonderful. Thanks to Dianne, Alan and Rose, very inspirational and life-altering.

Thank You Alan for being so instrumental is my looking forward to an immensely successful 2021

Lynnea Gaustad-Randolph – USA

I immediately feel the value is beyond what is financially viable for most. I am Forever Grateful for the gifting of the phone call and the elephant in the room simple conversation, and profound release. This kept unwinding stress in my body, emotions, kept letting go for weeks afterward. I would have never guessed, such a simple phone call could gift my entire being with such freedom, openness and inner strength. Thank you with my whole Heart! I Love you! I wish everyone would find you and experience their unburdening. Amazing!!! Truly life changing!!! All my Love

Jane Saebye – Norway

I am already impressed by you, but each time, I get more and more in awe, over your dedication. Life experience, and business.

Chi Ki Wong – England

Testimony for you! Are you stuck in a rut in your business and looking for a new angle for how your business can flourish? Dianne is the lady who can change all of that! With her ‘take action’ approach, she can combat anything which is limiting you on reaching your goals and dreams for your future and aspirations. She is straight forward, can pin point where your flaws may be and give you guidance from a professional business perspective! Her elephant in the room sessions can unlock anything which may be stuck from your childhood habits, attitudes and mindsets which is affecting your now reality! Her business workshop can really push you to achieve your highest potential or that task you have been putting off for a long time due to fear of it not working out. She really instilled the message of just do it without doubting yourself and your abilities! Come to her workshop if you really have tried everything and can not see for yourself where you could improve.

Dianne Ramesar – Canada

Taking this time to advertise this for anyone who has blockages and other related problems in their life. I strongly suggest this program with Dianne Ojar. I have been with Dianne for the past couple months in clearing and transforming my self and unblocking my blockages into positive vibrations and to bring in new energies and new concepts in my life. I am very grateful and honored to also be one of her student in this course. As a good soul she saw my potential and believed in me. I take this time Dianne to thank you and your wonderful soul team for the guidance, knowledge, understanding and wisdom been taught in this great program u have created for people like me and in creating a new me. Much Love and Blessings to u my fairy sister.

Nivedita Saraswati – Australia

Thank you Dianne for a Great Course with lots of advancement in my Business, just completing my new website;, which is very exciting, thank you for all the extra curriculum help and advice with this, will finish it by tomorrow. Can’t thank you enough for the great all-inclusive support and extra professional assistance from your Associates. brilliant life-changing Course for anyone stuck in business. Thank you for the one-on-one follow-up personal support sessions coming up, I can’t wait. much love and gratitude. Good luck in your next course starting soon, highly recommend it for everyone xx

Harsha Singh – India

Dianne's techniques to remove such a heavy baggage that I was carrying was immensely powerful, simple, yet effective! Once we tapped into what the root cause was, Dianne instantly made me remove this trauma that I was carrying with me that left me with a heavy heart…all of a sudden after she instructed me to do certain things, I felt this ginormous pain just lift from my heart, as if I huge boulder weighing a ton was lifted!! I cried a flood of tears, but it was a massive release that everyone in the session felt it…it was that palpable…can you imagine, decades of pain, just leaving you in a matter of 10-15 minutes…not even!!! I felt lighter, happier, more peaceful, and calmer.

Jonathan Manbode – Trinidad

I had a session with Dianne which was beyond my expectations. I did experience some childhood trauma, she was able identify them without me telling her about them and heal them.

I’m currently into a new chapter in my life in relation to business, she was also able to identify my weak points, such as doubts, negative mindsets, anxiety etc., and she was able to tap into the root cause of the negative emotions and heal them.

I also was able to come out of the session feeling more positive, optimistic, confident and with a greater outlook on my business venture. I must say that I was impressed with her work after hearing a testimonial from a friend on a zoom call which lead me with no hesitation to do a session with her.

  1. Thank you Dianne from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful and life changing session. Love and Light

Sandeep Kapadia – India

“I would like to Thank you Dianne from the Bottom of my heart for her Keen interest to remove me from my chronic trauma since my childhood.

She has been helpful since the 1st day and guided me to the right path to free myself from all past tribulations.

She appeared in my life by God sent as a human angel. She took special interest to each of problems like past childhood traumas, restrictions from family members who were an obstacle in my growth, logic mindset towards Financial abundance.

All I want to say is She is an Human Angel… God Bless You Dear Dianne

Meet the Team

Your Entrepreneurial journey starts today.
Rose Nixon
“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going”
Dianne Ojar
“Make a commitment to invest in yourself and in your future!”
Alan Luk

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