Dianne Ojar

Dianne Ojar


Dianne Ojar has been described as a positive force of nature. She’s as driven in her pursuit of the quality of “effective” ideas, as she is towards how media and technology can drive the execution of those ideas.

After spending more than two decades in the banking and financial services sector, Dianne came to the realization that there must be more opportunities for personal and professional growth just beyond the horizon and with that in mind, she took the steps to branch out on her own. “Why work for someone else when you can work for yourself?” Dianne believes.
Lending herself to the community at large, Dianne has been a keynote speaker at many networking and community building events. What drives Dianne? —Family, passion for living, desire to succeed and spirituality.
In January 2016, Dianne has founded “The Entrepreneurs’ Network” aka TEN, the venture arm of her business Olive Media, focusing on being a media partner for entrepreneurs providing education, resources, advertising and much more.

Dianne is enthusiastic about creating and retaining an energetic entrepreneurial content and resources, nurturing conditions whereby people can seed and grow ideas together. That “content” is the fuel for high-performing communities. TEN was built to deliver promotional messaging that connects brands with their consumers. “Connections” is how we guide the content into markets. It’s about having a closed-loop distribution strategy, ensuring there are no dead ends or wastage.

Dianne is a powerhouse relationship builder, business woman, serial entrepreneur and mother. The award-winning author of her first book, “Mrs. Fraud and You”. She is unstoppable. With a background as a Certified NLP Coach, Dianne has helped many professional business and entrepreneurial clients reach their goals and materialize their vision. She is a leader with a purpose, always driving change in her environment and motivating others to follow their passions.
A caring individual who will not accept “NO” as an answer, Dianne is a motivator, mentor and “Doer”. She makes things happen. She is always willing to offer a welcoming hand and a willingness to share her knowledge.

<h2>Managing Directors</h2>
Judith Young-Ruiz
Caribbean Chapter –
Managing Director

Fun, engaging and a warm sincerity are the hallmarks of working with Judith Young-Ruiz. She is a consummate professional with over 20 years of corporate and government experience in Marketing and Communications, recognized for her abilities to promote business strategies and lead the way toward successful brand campaigns. Judith delights in sharing her valuable talents with business owners seeking to promote their brand through online and offline media tools, offering beneficial guidance to instill confidence as well as achieve positive results. Her warm and generous wisdom is both a source of encouragement and a wealth of inspiration to corporate professionals looking to tap into this renewable source of lead generation and sales growth.

Bilal Hussain
Pakistan Chapter –
Managing Director

Bilal is a renowned executive, possessing a background in multimedia Journalism, TV and film. Accomplished in business management and has been producing top rated highly acclaimed TV Shows for last one decade. He is very passionate with regards to the media industry and has been creating visual content for a wide range of audiences, to broaden the current selection and introduces a more diverse range of captivating programs. Possessing experience in making drama series, soaps, re-enactment and producing current affair Shows. Owning a sense of obligation to produce and direct more documentary movies and conducting interviews with inspiring political leaders and creative people to appreciate them and to encourage the audience to follow their path along with devising fictional entertainment.

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