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“TEN is a roadmap to entrepreneurial success, promotes entrepreneurship and provides the necessary tools for both the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed.”

Entrepreneurship is widely understood as a means of “growing the pie”—that is, increasing economic activity to create more jobs and produce more income for more people, rather than merely transferring wealth from one group to another. Entrepreneurship ecosystems are complex. No index, however complete, can fully uncover the ecosystem dynamics. Soft insights are needed from many different stakeholders, each of whom will be able to contribute their own perspectives to promote entrepreneurship.

If one agrees with Drucker’s concept of entrepreneurship, then it follows that education and training can play a key role in its development. In a traditional understanding, entrepreneurship was strongly associated with the creation of a business and therefore it was argued that the skills required to achieve this outcome could be developed through training. More recently entrepreneurship is being viewed as a way of thinking and behaving that is relevant to all parts of society and the economy, and such an understanding of entrepreneurship now requires a different approach to training. TEN’s video educational methodology is needed in today’s world one which helps to develop an individual’s mindset, behaviour, skills and capabilities and can be applied to create value in a range of contexts and environments from the public sector, charities and social enterprises to corporate organizations and new venture start-ups.

Our team includes: experts, advisors and industry insiders are all established entrepreneurs with global reach. They offer expert advice and insights across many industries throughout the business life cycle on a range of topics, including: business and product development, financing and capital structure, corporate strategy, marketing and go-to-market strategy, and pitching.

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