At the heart of Canadian society, young entrepreneurs work and dream. Risk-takers and trail-blazers, they exist to innovate. They are creative, productive and daring. They work hard, they give back and they play a vital role in Canada’s economy.

Advice, training and mentoring are essential tools for promoting entrepreneurial skills and spirit in potential and active entrepreneurs. Such tools are developing rapidly: they are very diverse and are provided by public, private, and non-profit organizations. In spite of the fact that there is not much evidence on the concrete impact of these tools, there are certain issues that might result in them failing to reach the target group. To avoid these problems, TEN was created, suggesting that services should be more focused on entrepreneurs rather than on businesses and should be better organized.

TEN is a global-minded entrepreneurial hub like many business incubators, accelerators and venture firms except it is client focused, comprehensive, customized, coordinated, connected, quality consistent and is becoming one of the critical ingredients of new strategies fostering and supporting entrepreneurship in Canada and the world based in Toronto, Ontario.

The bottom line TEN is built on the confidence in entrepreneurship as a viable career path; its mission is the delivery of ongoing entrepreneurial education, experience and connections required to support the launch and growth of new enterprises.


The Policy

  • Offering support to upgrade the quality of businesses started including by encouraging business projects in markets where there is excess or growing demand and by developing business management expertise.
  • Supporting motivated and capable people to start up from unemployment by offering startup and entrepreneurship skills development, and building connections between unemployed entrepreneurs and mainstream support providers such as chambers of commerce and micro finance institutions.
  • Offering an integrated content of business development that combine counselling, coaching, mentoring and financial guidance, cover the pre-start-up, start-up and post start-up.
  • Building up a body of accredited, trained and experienced business development advisors, coaches and mentors from within the targeted client populations.
  • Involving local partners in business start-up schemes for the unemployed to i) increase awareness of these supports by involving unemployment offices, chambers of commerce and other civil society actors (e.g. the business community, microfinance institutions), and ii) take advantage of their knowledge and networks.

The Vision

The time for action is now. We need resources that spur growth but at the same time create opportunities for all, ensuring that the benefits of economic activity are broadly shared so that living standards improve for all segments of the population, including the young, the women, the old, the poor and the migrants.

TEN is all about supporting entrepreneurship since it can play as a conduit for inclusiveness. It paints a picture of the scale and scope of self-employment and entrepreneurship activities. Also, examines barriers and provides guidance for everyone on how these barriers can be overcome, focusing on business creation by the unemployed, the design of business development services and making economic systems friendly to entrepreneurship and self-employment.

The key message of TEN is that societies can make a difference, in terms of both increasing the quantity of businesses created by people and increasing the quality of their business activities. Key factors in their success include setting down clear and specific objectives in terms of addressing the barriers to entrepreneurship and ensuring that the target clients are aware of the support that exists and able to access it easily.

Our Vision is to empower entrepreneurs with a roadmap and support that guides them through the transition from start‑ups, to micro‑enterprises, and on to small and medium‑sized businesses that create jobs, lead innovation, and increase economic development in their local communities.

The Mission

Our Mission is to encourage entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge to those who educate and support entrepreneurs. We look at transforming the totality of the entrepreneurs’ market presence. Our people, processes and tools are all entirely geared towards serving entrepreneurs.

Knocking-down Barriers

TEN’s inclusive entrepreneurship policy aims to address the entrepreneurship “quality gap” by significantly lower levels of turnover, income from self-employment and survival rates for businesses owned by many including women, youth and immigrants. It is important to steer business starters towards activities that offer good prospects for income generation and survival and to help them develop good quality business management and business models. We do this by taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture, designing the content with the targeted audience to serve.

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